THG Consortium Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting

The Hali Group, LLC, (THG) collaboration of companies, is planning an official opening date & kick-off for April 20th, 2018!

This event will mark the beginning of a weekend celebration recognizing the initiation of healthcare reform starting with cancer care; as executed by Chamblu Community Assistance Programs (CAPs), Modern Cancer Care, LLC (MCC) and consortium participants of The Hali Group, LLC.

CAPs, MCC and THG are changing the way care is delivered by (1) removing disparities, (2) providing increased access to quality survivorship care and (3) providing increased access to cancer medications and much more… “the modern way”… through healthcare you can trust!

The weekend celebration will feature (at participating venues):
- Music, food and fellowship as we move through an abbreviated AWARENESS, DECISION and COMMITMENT conference highlighting comments from patients, leaders within the community, key medical opinion leaders and much more. Please plan to attend.

Register to attend by emailing: Reference: 2018 Grand Opening