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“DIVE RIGHT IN” - Community-drafted Cancer & Prevention Healthcare Reform

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“DIVE RIGHT IN”- [Community-drafted Cancer & Prevention Healthcare Reform]

Too often clichés and general ignorance dominate serious discussions.  It seems that the general public has traded human decency, responsibility and intellect for the internet; only to arrive at a status that might be described as unconscious bewilderment.

When it comes to the topic of healthcare, everyone can agree that it is an important topic. However, at least as it pertains to cancer and certain other chronic diseases, it is unapparent that any policy leaders know how to comfortably insure equal access to quality care. In most cases the discussion ultimately becomes a conversation about money. Should the discussion of healthcare boil down to a discussion about money?

Some of us believe that the confusion persists because others in power have financially motivated agendas that maintain the chaos. And yet others believe that our current previsions are the best that we can hope for already. What do you believe?

Maybe it’s time to expand our approach to the problem to more than just isolated and separate attempts of discussion OR activism. Maybe our discussion platforms can be more than just "bull horns" and our activism can become insulated from diversion tactics. Let’s do it!

Change happens when WE own responsibility for ourselves. In the end, WE craft and tolerate behaviors in our community! As long as your actions are legal, moral and ethically sound, you don't need politicians or others to decide and impose behaviors for your communities! If we want change, we can just… change! DIVE RIGHT IN!

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