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Healthy Lifestyles - Good Cooking Edition w/ Ratia Kirby

[Permanent Series] Man-O-Man! Don't we LOVE to eat? For most of us eating is not just the necessary duty of self-preservation. For many of us it is more than the occasional backdrop for social engagement. For far too many of us eating is literally everything! We eat to deal with emotions. We eat to commemorate almost any event or occasion. And we eat just because something is available.

Certainly by now, everyone knows that the American population is fat and we indeed have a weight problem. But it appears that few people know what to do about it.  

As you are someone who knows about this channel, you are probably someone who is well informed and on top of the game of life and so you know that America's weight problem can and will be addressed by us! This is how...

Firstly, we will accept that no one is to blame for our life's outcome. Secondly, we commit to overcome this problem for ourselves, our families and future generations. Lastly, we embrace this program - Healthy Lifestyles - Good Cooking Edition w/ RaTia Kirby - so that we can learn how to cook healthy meals on our journey to our new selves!

Join us as we work together in support of one another to gain a healthy lifestyle to change our outcomes!