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Healthy Lifestyles - FITNESS Edition w/ James Chambers (JC)

[Permanent Series] Sure there are people out there who can press enormous weight and sure there are people out there who run in multiple marathons every year. But for some of us, that is not yet our lifestyle and for many of us it won't ever be. BUT...

choosing a healthy lifestyle is a decision, then living a healthy lifestyle takes commitment and everything else … just happens!

Become your best you! JC takes us through the journey with magnificent precision. Learning new ways to workout that cost nothing, making new associations and finding our youthful self are within our reach! JC will coach us through the steps to take and you may want to come out to the lectures in studio or even to some of the FREE fitness/training events in your city.

Join us as we work together in support of one another to gain a healthy lifestyle to change our outcomes!